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Wireless Networking:

We are experienced wireless networking installers for homes, small offices and companies giving you the freedom to connect without the need for wired connections. We have great expertise in setting up fast and secure wireless networks using WiFi technologies. Our range of services with respect to WiFi solutions include the below:

  • Wireless Networking Planning & Design
  • Point-to-Point & Point-to-Multipoint Links
  • WiFi Hot-spots & Wireless Fiber
  • Indoor and Outdoor Wireless solutions
  • WLAN Configuration & Security
  • Deployment of Access Points, Range Extenders & WiFi Antennas

Indoor & Outdoor Wireless:

Digi Max offers secure, scalable solutions for home, small business and both indoor and outdoor enterprise wife networks. We help setup access points and wireless antennas with optimized wireless coverage.

Wireless Backhaul:

We have expertise in deploying Point-to-Point (PTP) and Point-to-Multipoint (PMP) wireless back haul network solutions to bring WiFi connectivity where you need it. This is all without the need of expensive wired infrastructure. Contact us today for assessments of your wireless networking needs.