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GSM/3G/LTE High Gain Antennas:

In GSM/3G/LTE networks, coverage and signal problems are normally a pain point for many network users as often people do not get the download speeds they want, let alone a stable connection. Our range of high gain antennas will help improve your signal reception hence coverage. Digi Max will help you with the following:

  • RF Planning & Design for GSM/3G/LTE antennas
  • Signal and coverage analysis in your area
  • Antenna mounting & positioning

3G/LTE Signal Boosting Solutions:

3G/LTE Signal Boosting Solutions:

Our range of signal boosters/repeaters help improve signal reception for all networks i.e. CellC, Vodacom, MTN and Telkom Mobile. We supply and install signal boosting solutions for your home, office, hotel, boat or car. Below is our range of services & solutions through which we can help you:

  •     Wireless Network Planning & Design
  •     Coverage Analysis
  •     Repeater & Antenna deployment
  •     Signal Improvement verification